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TVO is an independent distributor of electronic components with offices in Singapore and Shanghai. We are the gateway to a multitude of products, thanks to our extensive contacts around the globe. We believe in sustaining long-term relationships with our clients, offering them with a complete suite of services, including component support and PCB design. Our customers across countries like China, Singapore and Malaysia will attest to this.

Our mission is to deliver top-class customer service and value-add to the initial solutions that we provide. Our strategic relationship with our network of suppliers is also the key to our customers getting the right product at the right time – and at the right price. The range of our products and our commitment to total service quality mean that we cater to a wide base of clients from a multitude of commercial and industrial fields.

We reach out to the rest of the globe from our base of operations located in Singapore, where our customer service support centre and warehouse is located – ready to serve our valued clients worldwide.

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