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TVO offers a suite of services and products across a range of electronics equipment markets. Our expertise and technical know-how ensures that our customers get the best products and the best solutions - every single time.

Component Support

Thanks to our global network of trusted suppliers (OEMs and EMS), we can provide a regular support and supply of electronics components to suit all forms of applications.

Component Shortages

Looking for a hard-to-find or unique electronic component? TVO can help, especially if other distributors are quoting a long lead-time or high prices. Our extensive database of stock from OEM excesses ensures you get what you want with the most competitive prices and efficient delivery.

PCB Design

TVO also specialises in board-level design for all analog and digital applications. This includes products like MP3 players and smart cards, as well as technologies like Bluetooth and digital video broadcasting. Our proficiency in this area ensures that you get tailor-made PCBs that are reliable and cost-efficient.

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